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The TEAM begins at HOME…

For over 20 years our fierce philosophy, beliefs and structure have always been built on one fundamental characteristic – INTEGRITY.

At Home Team Management, we don’t consider our athletes, talent or celebrities as clients, but as our family.

We don’t work with anybody…and that is an intentional choice. We carefully & diligently qualify each individual we have the opportunity to represent to ensure we are the right fit for them and they are the right fit for us.

Over the nearly 3 decades of work, we are proud to state that we have made monumental and FIERCE changes to not only the industries we represent our talent in, but to our Home Team Family and their lifestyles.

Be. Fierce. Be Home Team.

Home Team Management

The Home Team

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The TEAM/begins at HOME/

Elaine Castro

Vice President

Larry Wade

VP of Talent Management

Shota Sprunger

Director of Marketing

Mike Alvini

Financial Advisor

Steve Mills

Talent Manager

Meni Perquku

Marketing Coordinator

Ahmed Imamovic

Talent Manager

Jonathon Banks

Talent Advisor

Jeff Mayweather

Talent Advisor

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